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CODEX & House Rules

Rule (-1): Trust the GM.
The implication of this rule is that things are going to happen to your character that you will have no control over and aren’t going to like, but if you trust me and allow me to guide you I will make it worth your while (barring fatal choices on the player’s side, of course).
I don’t believe in catering overly to my players. If something happens to them which they don’t enjoy, simply have patience and a little faith in the story.
I will appease or balance their feelings of being wronged. Did they lose a hand? Was their PC or NPC killed? I will give them a chance for revenge. Did they and/or their family grow up poor? I will give a chance to amass wealth.

Of course I will change some of rules from time to time if it makes for a better story. 
Like change the way a spell works, changes to a class or race, or even ban some things. 
But what I’m talking about here are rules to make the game fun for everyone!

A sacred  CODEX  that every player must follow.